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Friends on an outdoor trip into the wild

A Sunday Surprise

Besides all the professional discussions on LinkedIn, I had a very emotional experience this morning: After more than 13 years,
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Support our cause and help a families, such as the Resiman family, in need

How the Pandemic Is Making People Do Great Things

I would like to share an update about a social project that is close to my heart: Safe Water Gardens,
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Mike Flache at Terminal Zero

Successfully Master Life’s Greatest Challenges

This article is currently being updated. Please have a little patience. Many thanks!
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The author

Hi! I'm Mike Flache. I'm an entrepreneur, business angel and philanthropist. In my life I had to face and solve many drastic challenges. On this blog, I would like to share my approach, insights and experiences with you.

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Get inspired by a true life story. Find the inspiration to start your journey for personal growth and development.