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Rising Up Again

with Mike Flache

A blueprint for anyone who wants to master life’s biggest challenges and create a fulfilling second half of life. Start with a weekly insight from Mike Flache.

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Grow and thrive after a life-changing experience

Great people, like great companies, are always evolving. The eight chapters of this book contain actionable insights, lively stories, and vivid examples.

You’ll learn how to grow and thrive with Mike’s Triple-A approach to overcome a personal crisis and create a fulfilling second half of life.

Have we met?

Hello, I’m Mike Flache — an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist.

On my way, I had to face and solve many challenges — be it the abrupt end of my professional sports career as a teenager, the survival of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, or the separation from loved ones of my family.

Have we met?

Mike Flache at Terminal Zero
Mike Flache
Mike Flache
Grow. Thrive. Succeed.

Gain a new perspective on dealing with challenges in life and business. Join people from around the world who strive for a fulfilling second half of life.

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