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Hey friend!

It’s my pleasure to meet you. I’m Mike Flache, and I’m glad you are here. This website is all about overcoming challenges and creating a fulfilling second half of life.

When life keeps getting worse, it's the greatest chance to find your way to satisfaction and fulfillment.
— Mike Flache

We all know that life and business are not just about going up. In addition to many moments of success and happiness, we also face various challenges: loss, failure, setbacks, mastering our minds, proving our moral compass, or overcoming our stories. 

As you might know, the effects can sometimes be quite drastic and change the life we’re used to.

Over the decades, I’ve experienced my blows of fate. Believe me, it was pretty tough at times. On some days, I had the feeling that I couldn’t go on. Anyway, I kept going and learned my most important lesson:

Never give up, no matter how hard life gets

That’s why I came up with the idea for Rising Up Again. Following this motto, I want to share my insights and approach with people who want to overcome challenges and create a passionate and purposeful life.

A little more about the backstory

Entrepreneur Mike Flache

I’m an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist. Onalytica’s analysts named me one of the top-10 global thought leaders in digital transformation. Together with talented teams, I drive digital growth in business and philanthropy.

On my way, I had to face and solve many challenges — be it the abrupt end of my professional sports career as a teenager, the survival of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, or the separation from loved ones of my family.

Whether in life or business, each of these experiences has been an invaluable lesson and has made me grow.

The youth team of a German Bundesliga club
Under contract with the youth team of a German Bundesliga club
Sky laterns – in memory of the victims of the 2004 tsunami
In memory of the victims of the 2004 tsunami
Hands and heart – we are one, family portrait from earlier days
"We are one" family portrait from earlier days

In every situation, I was always grateful for any support.

This also applies to the start of Rising Up Again. I want to thank my closest friends from the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, the US, and Germany for countless conversations, unbroken patience, and deep understanding.

Their appreciation was and will always be priceless for me.

How to start your journey

When you’ve made up your mind to tackle your challenges and create a fulfilling second half of life, it’s easy: Just do it! 

I know the first step is always the hardest. Maybe you’ve already made your way, but you don’t know in which direction you can continue.

In both cases, this website may be able to help you one step further.

Let me introduce you to a few possibilities

Firstlyread my blog and get inspiration from real life for your life. You’ll find insights and stories as brief thoughts, long essays, and insightful videos. By the way, I write all posts myself. There’s no ghostwriter in the background.

Secondly and join people from around the world who strive for a fulfilling second half of life. You’ll receive actionable insights, real-life stories, and helpful resources by email.

Thirdlyget on the waitlist for my book and have a little patience, please. Rising Up Again is currently in progress. You’ll learn how to grow and thrive with my Triple-A approach after a life-changing experience, including lively stories and vivid examples.

Finally — if you’d like to send me a suggestion or feedback, please connect using this form. Don’t be nervous, I’m like you 😉

One final thought for you

Creating something new out of a crisis can be quite exhausting — especially when you’re at the end of your first half of life. Suddenly everything can break away that you’ve believed in and built up for many years.

If you go through something like this, I have a wish:

Never give up, believe in yourself, and walk the way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Every crisis is an opportunity. Make the most of it!


Mike Flache

Mike Flache
Grow. Thrive. Succeed.

Gain a new perspective on dealing with challenges in life and business. Join people from around the world who strive for a fulfilling second half of life.

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