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A winter walk in a rural area on a Sunday morning

As a Leader, Stick to Your Word

From building trust and credibility to fostering a positive culture within our teams.
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Retro cars in front of yellow garage

Choose Your Business Partners Wisely

Three aspects that can help when choosing potential partners.
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A group of people on an expedition through snow and ice

Modern Leadership and Honesty with Ourselves

Why honesty towards ourselves is an essential quality of modern leadership.
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Climbing to the top of the mountain is challenging

Four Qualities to Survive in Difficult Business Situations

Aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders need to possess a variety of qualities to succeed in difficult situations.
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Screwed paper in a trash can and around

How to Become Immune to Rejection in Business

Rejection is a common occurrence in the business world, and it is crucial to handle it gracefully.
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Growth Mindset Sunset

Growth Mindset — Hype or Business as Usual?

Is a growth mindset really relevant for aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders?
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Does success make us happy? Or does happiness make us successful?

Does Success Make Us Happy?

Or does happiness make us successful?
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